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Who We Are

2015 was founded in 1997 by Tom Kudirka and is based in Tulsa Oklahoma. 2015's is most known for its release of the legendary game Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. Allied Assault practically created the cinematic military shooter genre and was greeted with critical acclaim and commercial success. 2015 then released its original property, Men of Valor. Set during the Vietnam war, Men of Valor takes the drama and intensity of a military shooter to the next level, with expansive natural environments and a mature sensitive narrative. 2015 has received numerous awards including the 2002 PC Action Game of the Year. As an independent developer of first person action titles, 2015 has gained world recognition as an industry leader in video game creation.

Where We Are

Tulsa has been selected as one of America's Most Livable Communities among the nation's top destinations for travel, business investment, relocation, learning, retiring and living. Meeting the criteria as a community which has developed itself in a creative economy as well as prepare for a new global economy resulted in claiming a spot on the "Most Livable" roster.

Tulsa is a true American treasure and home to unique attractions like the Gilcrease Museum Philbrook Museum, the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame and, the other venues that provide a taste of artistic culture. Learn More